12 Step Program Treatment

Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center offers a specialized from of the 12 step program. Working with the traditional 12 step program, Allegiance takes a more personalized and intimate structure. We search deeper within ourselves and seek for greater help. Our 12 step has proven to help in all areas of addiction. Our patients have successfully triumphed their addiction and have been able to achieve their recovery.

The 12 Steps

Originating back in 1934, The twelve step program is a set of guiding doctrines that aid in outlining directions and actions to take for tackling addiction. By definition: “The 12 step program is designed especially to help an individual overcome an addiction, compulsion, serious shortcoming, or traumatic experience by adherence to 12 tenets emphasizing personal growth and dependence on a higher spiritual being.” (Merriam-Webster)

12 Steps

  1. I Can’t: In this step, we admit we are powerless over our addiction. That we cannot control our lives at this moment. This is the biggest and most courageous step for it opens you to the next elven.

  2. God Can: We find hope through greater power. Find hope so that we can restore our sanity. It’s okay to ask for help and in this step we find our hope through a higher power.

  3. I’ll let him: We made a decision to turn our lives over to God as we look within. We must let God help us now in our time of need.

  4. Look Within: We now search within ourselves.

  5. Admit Wrongs: It’s okay to acknowledge the wrongs we have done. We look to admit all our wrong doings to God, ourselves, and everyone else so that we can move to become clean.

  6. Get Ready to Change:Moving to change ourselves with the help of God. We are preparing to become ourselves once again.

  7. Seek God’s Help:We move forward by asking for God’s help. We seek to remove all our shortcomings with God’s grace.

  8. Become Willing: Make a list of all the people we have harmed, and become willing to make amends to all those we have hurt.

  9. Make amends:We made direct amends to all those we have harmed.

  10. Daily inventory:Continue to take accountability for our actions and when we were wrong, we admit it promptly.

  11. Pray and meditate:Through prayer and meditation we improve our conscious contact with God as we move towards him and understand God. Pray for only knowledge of God’s will for us and to help us carry that out.

  12. Give it away:After we complete all the other steps, we are now in a state of spiritual awakening and we must move forward by carrying this message to other addicts, and to practice these teachings in everyday life.

12 Step Program Treatment

Getting Help with Addiction Now

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