Aftercare Treatment for Addiction

We specialize in relapse prevention and long-term recovery, which is why aftercare is a necessity to help reduce relapse. Be providing follow-up treatments and programs that help patients develop new life patterns, ways to cope, and continuing on-going recovery, we can make sure they live a life of addiction free.

Aftercare Services That Work

Our addiction specialist understand the severity of relapse and craving for substance. This is way our primary focus after rehab is to provide the best aftercare service with goals of zero relapse. We do this through various methods of treatment. Continuing counseling is a method we use to keep our connection and build strong trust with our patients. Being there for them is crucial when they step back into their daily lives. With group sessions they lets them work together with other folks who are recovering as well. Will let them relate their thoughts and feelings, while providing support for one and another through aftercare sessions. We have schedule meetings to check on their status and see how their doing. Our aftercare services go above and beyond to ensure our patients don’t relapse.

Aftercare Treatment for Addiction

Relapse Prevention

Our relapse prevention program focuses on what causes our patients to abuse and how we can prevent them from doing so. We study their behavior and explore their environmental, social, and psychological factors that can trigger their substance abuse. We can learn a lot from their personal lives and find out what drives them back to their addiction. The patient learns from this and will be able to see their triggers and stressors that make them want to use drugs or alcohol. With this knowledge we will be able to prepare for any signs or thoughts of relapse.

Talk to a Relapse Prevention Expert

If you are having a hard time overcoming an addiction, talk to one of our relapse prevention specialist who will help you with any questions, concerns, or advice you may need. You can call us at, (435) 872-HOPE today.