Drug addiction in Utah is a huge epidemic. According to Healthy Americans, “Utah has the eighth highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States as of 2013, with 16.9 per 100,000 people suffering drug overdose fatalities”. Another study shows the number of pill-related deaths in Utah over the past decade has increased by 400%, according to Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. With this increased rates on drug abuse, Allegiance pledges to help Utah locals recover from this crisis by providing treatment and therapy that works.

What is Drug Addiction?

“Drug addiction also referred to as substance abuse disorder, is a complex disease. Centered around a dependency on legal or illegal drugs that harm the user physically, mentally, and emotionally. The addiction starts with an uncontrollable craving for the drug. The user is not able to control their impulses and give in to abuse. This causes a cycle of addiction leading to long term consequences that negatively shape the physical health and mental health of the user. The more the addiction grows, the worse it becomes for the individual. Complications with relationships, employment, and the law become big concerns. Families are hurt the most by it because of the change in their loved ones and complications in their relationships.

Withdrawals From Drugs

Withdrawals from drugs are symptoms that the user faces after they discontinue or decrease their intake of the substance. Without proper treatment and support, going cold turkey can be fatal. This is one of the hardest step in recovering from drug addiction. Many addicts can’t stop abusing because of the severe implications of withdrawals that follow quitting or not using. Depending on the drug type and addiction level, the user will face psychological and physical withdrawals from the substance. From nausea, headaches, body changes, mental breakdowns, diarrhea, anxiety, sweating, and many more symptoms, withdrawals can have serious consequences on the user.

Illicit Drug Addiction:

The term illicit drug addiction is referencing a drug addiction to illegal narcotics. Over 22 million addicts suffer from illicit drugs nationwide. They are known to be some of the most dangerous and toxic substances. The most common type of illicit drugs are; Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy, Heroin, Inhalants, Marijuana, Meth, and Hallucinogens. Studies have shown an huge increase in illicit drug use over the past decade. Once a user starts to abuse illegal drugs, they have a difficult time stopping. Illicit Drug addiction can cause serious, long-term damage. Including problems with physical and mental health, relationships, employment, and the law. With the right treatment and support, users can find their road to recovery and a life of addiction free.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Opioids also know as pain pills, central nervous system depressants used to treat anxiety, stimulants for patients that suffer ADHD or narcolepsy, are all prescription drugs that people can get addicted to it. Prescription drug abuse is a huge problem for our nation, over 52 million people over the age of 12 have reported using prescription drugs non medically. In addition to that, nearly 45 people die each day from painkillers. Prescription drug abuse is a very devastating issue. Without proper help and support, many users have a hard time finding recovery. With our professional team and doctors, we can help you or your loved ones with any addiction.

Stop The Abuse Today

There is no need to continue any form of drug addiction, the damage it causes is not only affecting the individual, but also their family and friends. Start your road to recovery today and end the abuse. Become free of addiction and live your life the way it's meant to be. Call us today for any questions, concerns, or advice you need on addiction. Our doctors are waiting to help anyone in need.