What Is Food Addiction?

Eating addiction also known as food addiction is a real addiction relating to a compulsive need to eat. The user has an uncontrollable craving for food and can’t stop eating. This can even happen to the user when they are not physically hungry. The addiction stems from a chemical being released each time a certain type of food is eaten. The chemical is dopamine and it is released in our brain whenever we trigger our reward system. The reward system is pleasure/good system used by the brain to reward us with feel good chemicals whenever we do something our brain thinks is good for us. When we eat certain foods that are highly palatable foods, meaning have a lot of sugar, fat, or salt, our brain triggers the feel good chemicals. This chemical is the same way when an individual uses drugs like cocaine and heroin. Because of the feel good chemicals and our brain’s reward system, people can get addicted to food, just like how they can get addicted to drugs. People who have food addiction can develop a tolerance towards food. They end up eating more and more, but it still isn’t enough to satisfy their craving.

Signs and Symptoms of a Food Addict

As a person close to them, you have an intimate connection that cannot be broken. You are their support beams that hold them up, they look up to you and appreciate any support you provide. By being there for them they feel as if they are not only, they can tackle their addiction with your love and support. Here are some things you can do to help your loved one:

  • The individual ends up eating more than planned when eating.
  • Eating more food even after they are no longer hungry.
  • Eating so much that it makes you feel sick.
  • Can’t stop thinking about certain types of food and getting stressed when they cut down or run out of that food.
  • Going out of your way to eat a certain foods, even when they are not available.
  • Eating certain foods so often that you skip working, spending time with family, for those foods.
  • Avoiding professional and social situations because of fear of overheating.
  • Not being able to function effectively at work or school because of food and eating.
  • Getting Help From a Professional Today.

    Eating addiction is a serious problem for food addicts. Getting help is easier than you think. At Allegiance, our staff of expert doctors, therapists, and addiction specialist are able to provide you with proven treatment solutions that will help you conquer your eating addiction.

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