Individual, Family, and, Group Therapy

Allegiance values family support as the highest necessity in recovery, we believe that there is no stronger bond than a family’s bond. The support and love that comes from our family is beyond measures and incomparable. The love and unity is the single most important aspect of our foundation. With our understanding of family, we move towards involving the loved ones into a group and family therapy that helps comfort, bond, and recover the addiction treatment.

Family Therapy

A treatment established on creating a family first environment with close connections for support. Building a trust between the patient and their close loved ones. We believe this psychotherapy treatment is a must in addiction recovery, we nurture the change and development of our patients with the support and interactions between them and their family. Our family therapy includes involvement of those willing to participate. We create a unique and specific treatment plan based on your family situation. Our therapy sessions can teach the patient skills that deepen family connections and promotes support through stressful times. This treatment is known to improve communication and resolve conflicts between the patient and their family.

Addiction Recovery Center Therapy

Individual Therapy

Also known as counseling, our individual therapy treatment focuses on a private one-on-one therapy session that is in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. Our goal is to help explore and discover our deepest thoughts, behaviors, feelings, while channeling them into positive attitudes, beliefs, and memories. We want to listen and hear our patients concerns, thoughts, and feelings. We want to make sure you clear your conscious mind and begin to seek self-discovery. This treatment helps prevent relapse and promote long term recovery.

Group Therapy

This treatment offers harmonious and balanced group environment, that allows our patients to come together as one and develop, explore, and examine their interpersonal relationships within the group. The group supports one and another with their addiction treatment, allowing them to relate and connect with people of similar backgrounds. Building trust and relationships, while practicing skill training sessions. Building team cohesion with problem solving activities, and expressing themselves through art, exercise, and recreational therapy.

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With the different forms of therapy, the amount of support available, there is no reason not to get help today. Our team is ready and welcomes all with open arms into their recovery. We are here for you and will do everything to help you succeed in quitting. Call us today at, (435) 872-HOPE.

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