Rehab in Utah

Providing a drug addiction treatment through a highly structured, monitored environment in a confidential, home-like atmosphere. Our inpatient drug rehab center lets you get a comfortable and safe journey into recovery. By providing daily therapy, detox sessions, recreational activities, and many more treatments, we are able to help prevent relapse and provide long-term recovery. Rated to be the best drug and alcohol treatment program, our patients can confidently tackle their addiction and return to their life as an addiction free individual.

Addiction Recovery Treatments

When you stay with us at Allegiance, we offer a variety ways to approach therapy. Our residential program has guidelines that help strengthen the patient’s mental and spiritual health. With our care, you will be provided 24 hour assistance, intensive levels of care, and one on one counseling sessions. Our program provides an array of specialized therapies:

  • Individual, family, and group therapy.
  • Trauma group therapy.
  • Traditional 12 steps.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) .
  • Art & recreational therapy.
  • Exercise, meditation, and yoga.

  • Addiction Recovery Center Rehab

    Inpatient Addiction Treatment Benefits

    When you choose to stay with us at Allegiance, you will be making a courageous decision to end the addiction and start the path to recovery. We are here to assist, guide, and make sure you make a safe journey to recovery. The benefits of inpatient rehab is tremendous, below are some benefits you will notice when staying at our inpatient clinic.

    Health Benefits from Rehab

    The first benefit you will receive is a health benefit. With the amount of toxins and drugs in your health system, your body is in chronic conditions that can become fatal at any given time. By staying with us, our doctors make sure your health is our number one priority and provide the necessary medical support to aid your recovery. You will notice a change in your body, a healthier definition in your physical and mental health. Recovery in your 5 senses, from smelling better to being able to taste better, you will be physically stronger.

    Financial Benefits from Rehab

    Paying for drugs & alcohol is costly addiction. You will see a huge increase in your financial life when you quit your addiction. You will then have all that money that you don’t use for drugs or alcohol anymore. You can benefit from saving, but also being able to live addiction free.

    Personal Benefits from Addiction Recovery

    One of the best benefits from quitting is being able to restore your personal life and relationships. Being able to connect with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. You will now be able to resume your life and pick up from where you left off. This also includes your career and hobbies. You will have a clarity and presence of mind which lets you achieve all your goals. Grab a hold your dreams and grab what you always wanted. The benefits don’t stop here, get help today and find out for yourself what your missing out on.

    Help is One Phone Call Away

    Don’t wait any longer to battle your addiction, let us help you with our professional staff and treatment center. We are experienced, licensed, and experts of addiction, we can help tackle any addiction regardless of how severity. Give us a call today at, (435) 872-HOPE.

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