With our admissions process, we welcome all those struggling with addiction to come to our center. Getting help is the first step in your recovery, which is why our team is dedicated to helping you become sober, regardless of what addiction or level of care.

Calling Our Clinic

The best way for us to understand your addiction and to help you with recovery is to have our specialist talk to you. We need to first figure out what treatment and care you need depending on an assessment we conduct. We know that every client is unique. From substance and circumstance to mental illness and psychological disorders, no two people are the same. Through our individualized approach, we help our clients conquer whatever obstacles lie in their path. Call our office today to talk to an addiction treatment specialist and to get started with your recovery process.

Addiction Recovery Center Insurance


Don't let financial difficulties get in the way of your recovery. We have several levels of care available to assist those in need. We work with major insurance companies and have several different options for financing. We understand the cost of recovery and make it our duty to provide the best, affordable, and easiest payment options for our patients so that they don’t get stressed with the burden of paying for their recovery. If you want to learn more about our financial options, call (435) 790-HOPE (4673) to get an instant answer about approval. Our friendly staff is standing by to take your call.

Prosper HealthCare

Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing company in the healthcare industry. With over $3 Billion borrowed and over 250,000 people empowered, this is a name and a program you can trust.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with a loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending:

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We work with insurance and offer partial scholarships and substantial cash discounts.