Addiction Help For Families

When a loved one is suffering from addiction, it can affect everyone in the household. From personal relationships to close friends, the harm addiction causes can be devastating. We never want to see anyone suffer from addiction, which is way we take it as our duty to help those in need. At Allegiance we value family support as the highest necessity in recovery, we believe that there is no stronger bond than a family’s bond. The support and love that comes from our family is beyond measures and incomparable.

What You Can Do to Help

As a person close to them, you have an intimate connection that cannot be broken. You are their support beams that hold them up, they look up to you and appreciate any support you provide. By being there for them they feel as if they are not only, they can tackle their addiction with your love and support. Here are some things you can do to help your loved one:

Family Help and Rehab
  • Understand what an addiction is and become knowledgeable about how recovery works.
  • Do your best not to judge, accuse, or blame them for the addiction. This will only cause more harm and push them away from you.
  • Provide a sober environment and create an atmosphere that reduces their triggers. Talk to their doctor about what you can do to help prevent relapse.
  • Allow your loved ones to go to their meetings, appointments, and counseling sessions.
  • Your lives have changed at this point, do not reinforce the past and wish for your old lives back. You need to step towards a new clean future together.
  • Go out and experience events, activities, and entertainment together to relax and escape.
  • Do not provide or create excuses for their addiction, this will only help justify their behavior.
  • Create a guidelines and boundaries that work for both of you, do not use this as a form of punishment or shame, this is to help with communication in the family.
  • When providing financial support, don’t give them money, instead buy them goods and services that they need.
  • Take time aside from your schedule to talk, hangout, and do stuff with your loved ones.
  • Don’t act different around them, treat them like they would have a serious illness. How would you react if it was cancer?
  • Understand that you are the closest person to them and that your support is going to help them get their life back together. Follow the recommend steps, work with the doctors and counselors to accommodate any necessary changes. Study and learn about their addiction to have better insight on why they choose to do it and why they have a hard time quitting. Be there for them when they need you and support them along the way of their recovery.

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