Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some questions about drug addiction, rehab, insurance and more. We can answer all those you may have and those we didn’t get to address by calling our clinic. Don’t hesitate to call us, our experts can help you with any concerns, advice, or questions you may have and we do it gladly.

Questions for the Team

  • What is the best part of your job?: “Seeing lives change right before your eyes.”
  • What sessions/treatment do you enjoy doing the most?: “We love group sessions, we can connect and hear each other’s perspective, opinions and stories. Through this we unite and support each other through one and another.”
  • How has this center changed your life?: “I’ve been able to change every day as I get to see God’s hand.”
  • Why would you recommend this place to someone else?: “Because this program has helped all those recover from addiction by God’s grace. I believe in this program and with our team there is no addiction we can’t cure, which is why I recommend it to all those in need of help.”
  • What makes Allegiance better than other centers?: “The therapy and teachings here go above and beyond recovery. We help clients conquer all aspects of addiction and use real life skills to enhance their careers, relationships, and social lives. Our programs are unique and work with individuals to help their own personal problems.”
  • Questions about Addiction

  • What does it feel like to be addicted?: “It is shameful, embarrassing, something you’re not proud of. It’s a disease that takes control over the individual. They lose control over their life to the substance and have a difficult time giving it up.”
  • Why is addiction so powerful?: “Because we lose our ability to choose.”
  • Why can’t people quit so easily?: “Because it is a disease that takes over their body, mind, and spirit. You lose control of your life and the only way to quit for good is to seek professional help.
  • What is the best way to provide support?: “Is to start and work your own recovery program. By being there for them, you provide a tremendous amount of support.”
  • Questions for Family and Friends

  • How can families be involved with addiction recovery?: “We offer family participation in the 12 Step Program, the family therapy sessions, and family group gathering which all help the individual recover with support and love from their family.”
  • How can you tell if someone is an addict?: “Their behavior and actions can determine a lot, but most importantly you can tell if their addicted by their willingness to continue doing something even with dire consequences.”
  • What can you do as individual or bystander to help some with their addiction?: “By loving and supporting them you already are giving them help. You can also start learning about their addiction and showing up to meetings to provide further support for those loved ones.”
  • My son/daughter is an addict, but I don’t know how to bring it up to them or get treatment?: “The best thing you can do is to ask questions and seek treatment. If you notice that they neglect help and won’t listen to your questions, its best to call the treatment center and schedule an intervention.”
  • How does addiction affect the family and friends?: “It is a family illness, all those in the family and close are affected by it. You have social gatherings, family time, and events that the addict has a hard time getting involved and being there for their family. Everyone is hurt by addiction.”
  • How can addiction start and what is the best way to prevent my children from going down this road?: “To prevent your children and loved ones from falling into addiction, is to allow your children to have their feelings and teach them how to express it in a healthy way. Educate them about the dangers of addiction, be involved in their life and understand what they do in their free time. By showing constant love and support, you child is less likely to go down the road of addiction.”
  • Call Our Team for More Answers

    If there is a question we didn’t address, please call our clinic so that our addiction specialist can answer all of your concerns, questions, and offer advice with anything relating to addiction. You can reach us at (435) 790-HOPE (4673).