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Need treatment for an addiction? Our clinic has the best rated drug and alcohol program for all those suffering from addiction in Grand Junction. Let our trained professional doctors help you in recovering from addiction. We are committed to making sure you and your loved ones can live a life addiction free. With our cutting-edge therapy and treatment programs, you can take control of your life once again.

Drug Treatment in Grand Junction

We help with any illicit or prescription drug abuse you may be suffering from. Our clinic specializes in preventive relapse and long-term recovery so that you may never have to go through the cycle of abuse again. We are known to be one of the best addiction treatment centers near Grand Junction, Colorado. We are committed to helping your loved ones get clean from any drug addiction.

Treatment That Works

When recovering from an addiction, one of things most affected by the toxic substance is our body. Our health is damaged when using drugs and alcohol, depending on the level of addiction, there could be severe harm done to our mental and physical health. Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center focuses on restoring and recovering the patient’s mental and physical health through our treatment recovery programs.

The treatments we provide are administrated by professional doctors, therapist, drug addiction specialist who have years of experience working with addicts and users. Our program provides an array of specialized therapies, such as individual, family, and group therapy, trauma group therapy, the Traditional 12 steps, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), art & recreational therapy, exercise, meditation, and yoga.

Allegiance Addiction Recovery Services Grand Junction, Colorado

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Our professionals are one phone call away from helping you become clean. Start to live your life the way you want to, without damaging your body and giving into addiction. Call our offices today to get immediate help with any addiction and take control over your life. You can contact us at,
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