Rehab and Addiction Recovery in Roosevelt, Utah

Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center offers the best rehab program for those in Roosevelt, Utah. Our team is comprised of trained, experienced, and licensed specialist who have helped patients with all types of addictions get clean. Known to be one of the best addiction treatment centers in Utah, we are committed to helping your loved ones with a successful recovery. Our treatment goes above and beyond to ensure zero relapse from our patients and aim for long-term recovery.

By providing daily therapy, detox sessions, recreational activities, and many more treatments, we are able to help prevent relapse and provide long-term recovery. Our residential program has guidelines that help strengthen the patient’s mental and spiritual health. With our care, you will be provided 24 hour assistance, intensive levels of care, and one on one counseling sessions.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Roosevelt

Get treatment for drug and alcohol addiction today. Our team will guide you step by step through recovery. We cover drug and alcohol treatment for all types’ illicit drug addiction and prescription. By providing an array of specialized therapy treatments, we can successful help your recover from any type of addiction and get you back on track to sober living. If you need help with substance abuse, call us today and our team will start your road to recovery.

Addiction Treatment For LDS

For all those willing to take the grace of God and get help from a higher power. We welcome you with open arms and would love to help you find hope through our Savior, Jesus Christ. We cure our addiction by learning through our Lord’s atonement and gospel. Get clean and start living your life in harmonious way. Call us today for our LDS addiction recovery program.

Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center roosevelt Utah

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Let us help you get clean and free today. Don’t battle addiction anymore by yourself, our team is here for you and would love to help you on your road to recovery. Give us a call and see the difference in your life. We are here for you at any time, call us today at (435) 872-HOPE.

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