Successfully Overcome Addiction

October 02, 2015
"Allegiance: Loyalty and Commitment to God, Recovery, Family and Community. This is a truly inspired program! The staff specializes in each area of treatment. It is an uplifting and empowering movement for addicts and their families."

Family & Friends

September 08, 2015
"Our family is so grateful to Allegiance Recovery Center in Vernal, Utah. We had been praying for our loved one to find a way to get help with his addictions, and the first time that I visited there I knew it was the right place for him. There is a special spirit there which has helped our entire family feel comfortable. They recognize that it is not just the addict’s recovery but also the entire family’s and have created a place of healing for all of us. Being located in the Basin has been a special blessing, as we have been able to actively participate in the available programs for family healing. The change in our loved one is both visible and spiritual. Our entire family wants to recommend Allegiance Recovery for any family who has a loved one struggling with addiction."

First-Rate Facility

April 24, 2015
"Allegiance is a first-rate recovery center. It is well removed from the pressures of life and still close enough to visit. I received a personal tour of the facility just last week. The home is superbly decorated with a warm peaceful feel. The staff is immeasurably friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this facility and the program Allegiance provides, to anyone in need of assistance in recovering from addiction."

Awesome Place

January 11, 2015
"Want to share my feelings about Allegiance. What an awesome place. Kind, caring, helpful, positive, uplifting, excellent---I could go on for a bit. I can't imagine a better place for a loved one to be to recover and heal. It is an LDS-based facility, and the staff and counselors really exemplify, teach, and live all of the characteristics that are inherent in that belief system. As a parent, I appreciate all they have done for my loved one and recommend their facility and program to anyone who needs help with recovery. "

BEST to Clients

November 20, 2014
"Hi, I’m Casey. I have thought many times that if I died due to alcohol, drugs or pills, a small handful of people would say “I was worried that might happen.” But the rest of the world would say “No Way. It must be a mistaken report.” I had kept my use very low key. Over the years of use I tried AA, NA, and ARP. I even went to an out-patient program at one point, but for whatever reason, I could not stop using and I knew my life had become unmanageable. I was beginning to lose everything of importance to me. I finally contacted Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center. I felt like they really knew where I was coming from and the fight I was up against. Later I realized that many of the staff understood because “they had been there, done that!” Some of them had struggled themselves with addiction and now knew Recovery. Everything about the center made me feel hope! The staff are good, basic, down to earth people who are in-tune with the real life struggles that we all deal with. Allegiance made me want to try! I had to do something. I was dying inside. I have now been working the 12-Step program of AA and ARP. I have been honest in my efforts. The Staff has been supportive and loving, yet firm and straight forward. They have also helped my family to work a program of their own. After putting forth the work it is my grateful, humble and honest pleasure to share with you that after 35 years of an addictive life, I have gained a power to keep me and my soul free from the chains of addiction. The true ME is back. I truly believe that anyone who goes to Allegiance and works the program can live an addiction free life, regardless of the addiction. By keeping in place what I hadve learned, I am living proof that it works!"

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When investing in a family member's health and well-being, you need to make sure you're making the right choices. We are among the best addiction rehabilitation center with top quality instructors and therapists. We are aware of what you are going through and will ensure that you AND your loved ones will get the best possible care and education available. Call us at (435) 790-HOPE (4673) we can answer any questions and concerns you may have.

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